3rd Grade Bear Adventure Plans

COVID-Friendly Ideas for Family-led Activities with Den and Pack Coordination

Bear Advancement Program (3rd Grade)

Bear Rank Required Adventures:

Here are links to Bear Adventures that can be easily done at home (click on the links for plans and other tips):

  • BALOO the Builder is a Required Adventure covering using tools and wood tools.  
  • Bear Claws is a Required Adventure all about knife use and knife safety. 
  • Bear Necessities is a Required Adventure all about camping and camping skills, plus meteorology.
  • Fellowship and Duty to God is a Required Adventure about your family faith beliefs.
  • Fur, Feathers and Ferns is a Required Adventure with elements like a one mile walk and nature and growing things.
  • Paws for Action is a Required Adventure that’s all about history/patriotism, visiting a law enforcement facility (use social distancing), basic emergency preparedness (like a fire drill), energy conservation and a cleanup service project.

Bear Elective Adventures:

Here are links to Bear Adventures that can be easily done at home (click on the links for plans and other tips):

Here are Bear Adventures that call for “Den” Activities (but could be done at home, and completed with a bit of creativity):

  • Forensics is an Elective Adventure about crime solving science.
  • Grin and Bear It is an Elective Adventure about games and putting on a game carnival for others.
  • Marble Madness is an Elective Adventure about Marbles Games.
  • Salmon Run is an Elective Adventure about swimming and boating.