Cub Scout Day Camp

Camp In A Box 2020

Cub Scout Scout Me In

Get your order in by June 30. If all supplies are in, boxes will be distributed by July 15. We will inform units if this date changes. 

Where will this happen?  At your house!!

Who can do this?  All Cub Scout Campers!

Why?  It’s so much fun!! Trail Laying, Scavenge!, Join The World, Lab Time-Be a Chemist!, Knots, Lashing and Forts, Prints, Prints, Sneaky Prints, Codes and Ciphers, Bee a Friend of Bees…Beecause and What did the Owl Eat?

Cost?  $10 per box

What do we have to do?  Call your Unit Leader or  Cubmaster. Unit leaders will send  the number of boxes being ordered to [email protected]

More information on Camp In A Box:  Due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic, all summer day camps have been canceled. This is a way for your scouts to get the same fun activities they were looking forward to from the comfort of your home. Scouts if you are interested please ask your parents to talk to your Cubmaster or other leader to ask them to preorder a box just for you. All camp boxes pre-ordered with your unit leader will be delivered to your unit leader and then to you. Parents, payment will be given to your Cubmaster and then on to the council. The box will include items and instructions for the scouts to complete these activities. You may need to contribute some everyday household items to the adventure your scout is working on.

If you have any questions, contact Tim Johnson District Executive.